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The directory of directories accepts free submissions, but its submissions page warns of a very long waiting period for a review. Other options include a reciprocal link and a fee-based featured listing, each of which will expire in two years.

If accepted, free submissions offer up to three keywords and three inner links. With a reciprocal link, the waiting time for a review is reduced and, if accepted, the link will be displayed above that of free listings. Three keywords and three inner links are also permitted. Featured links are reviewed before any others in the queue, promising inclusion within twelve hours. Featured listings cost $5.90, and permit up to five keywords and five inner links. Registration with the directory is required in order to submit a site.

Submitted sites must be in English, and lists only those directories that include an option for free submissions. Significantly, only directories hosted on the root domain are considered; which, by the way, would leave out the Yahoo! Directory, which can be found at dir.yahoo.com, as well as many other fine directories.

Listed sites are not categorized, but are displayed in a list, with featured sites first, followed by those that have agreed to a reciprocal list, and its free listings trailing. The information provided for each listed directory includes its URL, a submission button that leads to the site’s submission page, Alexa 3-months Traffic Rank, changes in the Alexa Traffic Rank, Google PageRank, the number of its pages indexed by Google, and reviews. A multiple opener button is includes, which opens several submission pages in separate tabs.


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