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There are several lists of web directories on the Internet. Some of these lists were created by paid bloggers, representing some of the directories on the list, and others were put together by networks of directories, as a means of promoting their own directories.

Some of the lists you will find rank directories by Google PageRank, or other unreliable metrics, giving an advantage to older directories at the expense of newer ones that may be every bit as good. Others may have been reliable when they were first published, but are so old as to be no longer useful.

In this category, I am going to attempt to list only those that have a degree of reliability, which does not mean that I agree entirely with the inclusion or placement of every directory on these lists. Such lists attempt to determine the best web directories and, by their very nature, such lists have a degree of subjectivity that cannot be denied.

However, the lists that I include in this category will be those which I have determined to be useful, and to have some integrity, if not entirely reliable. This decision will be at my discretion. Lists that are not regularly updated will be removed.

  • Top Ten

    Top Ten

    Maintained by Web Directory Reviews Org

    Hits 1722

    Each calendar quarter, twenty web directories are evaluated and rated by Web Directory Reviews Org. The top ten directories, from this list, are determined and placed in competition with ten additional web directories the following quarter. An archive of past top ten lists is included.
  • What Are the Strongest Directories

    What Are the Strongest Directories

    Maintained by Aviva Directory

    Hits 1196

    Aviva Directory first published its Strongest Directories list in 2006, in order to provide a needed list that was based on objective directory rankings, and had regularly updated it since, currently based sorted by Moz Domain Authority. The list features a ranking of general web directories, with a minimum domain authority of thirty, along with their submission prices.
  • The Ultimate List of Strongest Directories for 2013

    The Ultimate List of Strongest Directories for 2013

    Maintained by Dan

    Hits 1210

    Compiled by Dan, at Info.VileSilencer, this list of fifty directories was put together from twelve directory sources that he considered to be reliable, with only directories that were seven years old or older considered. His list is sortable by a variety of metrics.
  • 10 of the Best General Web Directories Post Penguin and Panda

    10 of the Best General Web Directories Post Penguin and Panda

    Maintained by Hasan

    Hits 1241

    Hasan, of Directory Journal, offers a list of the ten best web directories, those he considers to offer the best value for those wanting to submit a site listing. In comprising this list, he began with twenty-three of the directories that he came across most often, and they are also listed.
  • Comparison Between the Strongest Web Directories

    Comparison Between the Strongest Web Directories

    Maintained by Robert Gombos

    Hits 1604

    Robert Gombos, of Jasmine Directory, presents a list of what he considers to be the strongest and best web directories available on the Internet, ordered by Moz Page Authority. The list is sortable by Google PageRank, Moz Domain Authority, Alexa Traffic Rank, age, price, and through other metrics.