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Full Description

Directory Critic lists search engine friendly web and article directories, primarily as a resource for webmasters looking for site promotion tools. Its main directory categories are general and niche directories, with article directories listed within the general directories category.

Its general directory category is subdivided into a Free Directory List, Paid Directory List, Reciprocal Directory List, Deep Links Directory List, and an Article Directory List. Within these categories, listings may be sorted by name, PageRank, points, date submitted, or default, but I am unsure what the default sorting is.

Within the niche directory category, the listed directories are subcategorized by topic, or niche. Within each subcategory, the same sorting mechanism is in place as for the general directory listings.

Submissions to the directory require either a reciprocal link or the payment of a fee. If choosing the reciprocal link option, the link may be in the manner of a header, footer or sidebar link, a homepage link, a featured link, or any other link that will reside on a page that carries a PageRank of at least 4.

The basic paid option is a one-time payment of $9.95, which does not require the reciprocal link. The fee will be refunded if the listing is rejected.

Costing $149.95 per year, a featured listing will appear at the top of every list that it is included in, plus a free listing in its webmaster directory, and five extra deep links within the details page, carrying the anchor text of the submitter’s choosing. No reciprocal link is required, and a full refund will be made if the submission is rejected.

Other resources available on the Directory Critic site include free phpLD templates, button and banners and banners for those with listed sites who want to encourage visitors to rate their directory on Directory Critic. The Critic’s WebGuide, a general directory, with a regional tree, is featured in a subdomain, as is the Webmaster Directory. There is also an active discussion forum, although registration is required.

Advertising opportunities may be available, as well, along with various submission services.