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Providing lists of directories, categorized in various ways, Directory Rate first appears in the Internet Archive (WayBack Machine) on September 9, 2007. Listed directories can be rated by users of the directory, and user ratings go towards the directory’s “DR Strength,” which is a measure of a directory’s strength that uses a variety of metrics.

The top fifty directories, by DR Strength, are listed on its index page.

There is no charge for submitting a directory for consideration. A reciprocal link is requested, but not required. Several advertising options are available.

The directory’s contents are sorted according to whether the directory accept free submissions, whether it requires a reciprocal link, or whether it required payment of a fee for submissions. Its topical categories include Article, Arts, Automotive, Bidding, Blogs, Business, Computers, Dating, Education, Entertainment, Forums, General, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Hosting, Outdoor, Pets & Animals, Real Estate, Regional, SEO, Shopping, Sports, Toys & Games, Travel, and Webmaster.