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Directory Ready lists its directory links under six main topic categories, which are General Directories, Free Directories, Paid Directories, Niche Directories, Deeplinks Directories, and Blog Directories, with Niche Directories being the only one that is subcategorized, and according to topic.

Each of its categories and subcategories includes long, informative, and uniquely authored descriptions, of the sort that may serve as spider food and an attractant to search engine crawlers.

Submissions to the directory of directories is free, and long, descriptive descriptions are encouraged, with at least one hundred characters required, and up to a thousand characters possible. However, it appears, although its documentation is not clear on this matter, that directories that are set up as subdomains are not accepted, at least not through its submissions form. This, by the way, would leave the Yahoo! Directory out, as it would ours and many other fine directories. Compounding this problem is the fact that, while the submission is immediately rejected, it returns an explanatory message that is not only misspelled and grammatically incorrect, but unclear. It says simply, “Unfortrunalty your directory not send to Admin,” with the misspelling theirs and not mine.

Otherwise, it appears to be a well put together directory of directories, and one that includes a large number of listed directories and other resources. Apart from its well stocked directory of directories, the site includes a directory of sites that may be useful for link building purposes. These include lists of social bookmarking sites, article sites, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, CSS gallery sites, classified sites, press release sites, wiki sites, search engines, podcast directories, Web 2.0 sites, RSS feed directories, social networking sites, infographic sites, document sharing sites, question and answer sites, portfolio sites, blog sites, and guest blog sites.

Advertising opportunities may also be available, in the form of banner advertising. Its monthly prices and availability are stated on its advertising page. Other pages include blogs for guest posting, which have been recently updated.