For Directory Owners

For Directory Owners

Full Description

For Directory Owners offers several submission options. A regular link may be submitted for a little as a one-time payment of $2.95, with a reciprocal link required, or for a one-time payment of $4.95, and no back-link required. A featured link costs $6.95, or $8.95 when submitted to a top category. A featured link with up to three deep links is $9.95 and five links are available for $10.95. A site wide link/12 months costs $24.95, as does a site wide banner/12 months.

As a webmaster resource directory, its category structure is not large, and every category is accessible from the main menu. The top-level categories are Directories, Directory Resources, Directory Templates, Internet, Marketing & Promotion, and Webmaster Resources.

Its Directories category includes the following subcategories: Affiliate Directories, Article Directories, Bid Directories, Blog Directories, Budget Directories, Business Directories, Dating Directories, Deep Link Directories, Directory of Directories, Financial Directories, and Foreign Directories.

Its Directory Resource category includes, as subcategories: Directory Blogs, Directory Forums, Directory Lists, Directory Scripts, Mods, Submission Software, Template Design, and Tools.

The subcategories for its Directory Templates category are Aardvark Templates, BiddingLink Templates, CNCat Templates, clinks Templates, CreaDir Templates, Directory Templates Blogs, eSyndicat Templates, FreePHP Templates, IndexScript Templates, IndexU Templates, and KDir Templates.

Its Internet top-level category includes the following subcategories: Auctions, Domains, E-mail, Hardware, Hosting, Macintosh, Networking, Programming, and Software.

The Marketing & Promotion category has only a few subcategories, which are Banner Advertising, Link Building, Submission Services, and Webmaster Blogs.

Webmaster Resources subcategories are Graphics, Scripts, Scripts Installation, Security, SEO Blogs, SEO Services, Web Design, Webmaster Tools, and Website Templates.