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Great Directories

Full Description

Great Directories arranges its content into the following upper-level categories: Directory of Directories, Free Directories, Paid Directories, Article Directories, and Blog Directories.

Within the Directory of Directories category, content is sorted by General Directories, Special Directories, Niche Directories, and Regional Directories.

Within the other upper-level categories, content is displayed in list form, sorted by PageRank.

Other pages include an About page, information about its submission services, a FAQ, and advertising options.

Directories with a Google PageRank of five or above may submit their directory for free although, whether paid or free, there is no guarantee of acceptance. Paid options include a regular listing for $49, as a one-time payment, or $95 per year for a featured listing.

Regular listings allow up to three deep links, while up to five deep links may be included in a featured listing. Featured listings are displayed above regular listings in a category. Advertising options are also available.