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WDR Directory of Directories

Full Description

The WDR Directory of Directories is new to the scene, established in early 2013, and operating on a DirectoryPress script. The directory lists other directories, directory script sites, as well as directory template or design sites, categorizing its content beneath the following main-level categories: Blog Directories, Directory Operation, Directory Reviews, Forum Directories, General Directories, and Niche Directories. At this time, there are no subdirectories beneath Blog Directories, Directory Reviews, or Forum Directories.

The Directory Operation category includes subcategories for Directory Design and Directory Scripts.

General Directories is subdivided into Comprehensive, Regional, and Topical. There are no subdirectories beneath Comprehensive, but the Regional category is subdivided by continent, while the Topical category includes subcategories for various topics represented.

The directory’s content may be browsed by categories and subcategories or searched by type, which would separate directories that require payment for submissions, those requiring a reciprocal link, and those that allow free submissions.

An articles area features tips on subjects related to web directories and directory submission.

The directory only lists other directories, web directory script sites, directory template sites, and websites of web designers who specialize in directory design or modification. All submissions are for permanent listings and, if accepted will remain for the life of the directory or until a point when the listing no longer meets directory standards, if this should occur.

The fee for a basic listing is a one-time payment of $10, which includes the option to link to up to two subpages of the submitted site using text within the description as an anchor text, with limited HTML allowed for this purpose.

Featured listings cost $25, after which, if accepted, the listing will be displayed as a featured listing for one year; if not renewed at that time, the listing will revert to that of a basic listing but will remain in the directory as long as it meets directory standards. Featured listings are highlighted within the directory and on the listing details page. Additionally, featured listings are included in a slider at the bottom of the directory’s index page.

However, featured listings are not given preference as to the order in which they appear within a category, unless the directory user chooses that option. Within a category, listings may be ordered alphabetically, popularity, featured, and last modified, with the latter being the default order.

Additionally, there is an option for directories or other appropriate sites to be listed as featured sites without charge. This is the forum sponsor option, which allows for active participants in the directory’s forum to be eligible for a one hundred percent discount on the package, which must be applied at the time of submission, resulting in no charge.